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40 Years of Love
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A Fic Collection of MJ + Diana
We loved with a love that was more than love. | Edgar Allan Poe
40yrs is a community run by disith and eatenalive, a fanfic collection dedicated strictly to Michael Jackson and Diana Ross. All stories are written by disith and eatenalive either together or separately. Not only will you find fanfic work here but also, fanmixes created during the writing of these fanfics. Although it is obviously not we required, both authors would appreciate reviews and input for fics. We like to know what our readers and viewers think! Happy reading!
* wrapping up The Last Summer
* starting another chapter compilation fic
* a slew of one-shots
We here at 40yrs have no affiliation with Michael Jackson and/or Diana Ross and do not know them personally. We do love them though! Especially together.

If we did, we'd have locked them in a cave together until Diana came out pregnant.
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